Varivasya Rahasya – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Varivasya Rahasya is a Tantric treatise on Sri Vidya Upasana by the. The Varivasya-Rahasya is an independent treatise and its commentary is by the author himself. The English translation is by Pandit S. Subrahmanya Sastri. Bhaskararaya (Bhāskararāya Makhin) (–) is widely considered an authority on all Varivasya Rahasya, is a commentary on Sri Vidya mantra and worship. The Varivasya Rahasya contains ślokas numbered consecutively.

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Life of Bhaskararaya The following details regarding the life and literary works of Bhaskararaya have been culled from the Bhaskaravilasa written by his disciple Jagannatha, who afterwards assumed the Dlksa name of. Verify the characters on the left.

This then is the Mahavakyartha. The lower form is the familiar one, con- sisting of twenty-four letters divided into three padas feetwith a fourth pada of eight letters occasionally added for certain spiritual purposes.

This short biography of Bhaskara- raya has been published along with the Lalitasahasra- namabhasya by the Nirnayasagara Press, Bombay. The contemplation of the merging of this [very subtle Nada] with Sakti is known as PraSanta- visuva. Subscribe for Newsletters and Discounts. The Aksara-s inserted in the Sri-cakra, published for the first time in this book, are based on the Sri-cakra published in the Prapancasdra, Sri Vani Vilas Press edition.

He seems to have had a first-hand knowledge of the contents of the works he has enumerated and on this account the information given by him is all the more valuable. The skirts I ordered are absolutely beautiful!


His Setubandha was finished on the Siva- ratri day of Saka a. His devoted disciple, Jagannatha, pays the following loving tribute to his master, with which we should like to conclude this introduction.



There was once a Brahmana, named Gambhlra- raya, of Visvamitra-gotra. Various anecdotes are told regarding the greatness Of Bhaskararaya and his supernormal spiritual powers.

Sitarama Sastrin but for whose help, so promptly and cheerfully rendered, this humble effort of mine would not have seen the light of day. It has now become the Bhdtta- candrika, as it contains all the sixteen kolas. Krishnasvami Sastrin, who, with his charac- teristic kindness, undertook to write an introduction to the work, in addition to lending me two of the MSS.

Varivasya-Rahasya of Sri Bhaskara-Raya Makhin : with his own commentary “Prakasa” – Details – Trove

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Vyapika is said to have the form of a Bindu and a triangle with its apex resting thereon. His learning was truly encyclo- paedic. Above this lies Mahabindu. The higher esoteric form of the Gayatri-mantra is what is known as Srividya-panchadasaksari, which is secretly handed down from teacher to pupil and which alone is capable of leading the aspirant to the attainment of Moksa.

The identity of the next two Groups in sequence with Varviasya and Saman becomes thus patent.

According to Sambhu Bhatta, a pupil of Khandadeva, Varigasya passed away at Benares in the year of Vikrama-samvat corres- ponding to a. Another factor has also to be noted in this connec- tion. T his is the meaning of the first Group.

My joy knew no bounds at this unexpected find of MSS. At once the Svamin took some water from the basin, where Sri Devi had been bathed by Bhaskararaya and anointed the eyes of Narayana Bhatta with it. Ramachandra Ayyar, Retired Engineer, Kumbakonam, with corrections carried out and omissions supplied, after comparison with a palm- leaf MS.


The suksma form is composed of the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, which go to form the various Mantra-s and this Mantra-form is capable of auditory apprehension by gifted persons. I cannot adequately express my sense of obligation to Mr. At this stage the two MSS. Your selection of books is impressive and unique in USA. It is with great pleasure to let you know that I did receive both books now and am really touched by your customer service. Besides this, in one or two places the readings adopted in the text do not agree with those adopted in the commentary and sloka-s 94, and of the present edition are not to be found there.

The Pandits of Benares, where Bhaskararaya resided at the time, resolved to lead a crusade against him and convince him of his error in following the V5mam5rga form of worship. According to the Sastra, a person who has undergone the Sodhanyasa becomes one with the Supreme Isvara and he cannot be expected to prostrate himself before any other man who has not undergone the above Nyasa.

Verify the characters on the left From: In accepting one of several meanings, the context and the aim are the two indices. Swami Tapasyananda Paperback Edition: