Swami Sri Yukteswar () of Serampore, was eminently fitted to discern the underlying unity between the scriptures of Christianity and of Sanatan. By Swami Sri Yukteswar (Priya Nath Swami) Original Edition, India Lovers of of The Holy Science (PDF 7 MB), published privately in Kidderpore by his [ ]. 29 Jun One of the most profound moments in my life, the clarity of Wisdom Truly touched my Soul. The Holy Science presented Is A Guide for the Sons.

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Ig- norance is the perception of the nonexistent, and the nonperception of the Existent. Parambrahma Spirit or God is infinite, complete, without start or end.

: The Holy Science (): Swami Sri Yukteswar: Books

Those who remove our troubles, dispel our doubts, and bestow peace are true teachers. To whatever religious creed a man may belong and whatever may be his position in yukreswar, if he properly cultivates this ruling princi- ple naturally implanted in his heart, he is sure to be on the right path, to save himself from wander- ing in this creation of Darkness, Maya.

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These three are the real neces- sities of the human heart and have nothing to do with anything outside his Self. It was all Chinese to me. And the yuktfswar shines in the darkness, and the darkness comprehends it not. It is geared towards Christians to see the underlying spirituality of the Bible in relation to Hinduism, that is masked by the Reptilian Aliens’ created organized religions to control and dumb down the mass for servitude and to enjoy loosh.

After such sdi by Pranayama the involuntary nerves become refreshed and work with newly replenished life.

Tapas is religious mortification or patience both in enjoy- ments and in sufferings. Allahabad, the sacred Prayaga Tirtha, the place of confluence of the Ganges, Jamuna, and Saraswati rivers, is a site for the congregation of worldly men and of spiritual devotees at the time of Kumbha Mela.

A clear and practical analysis of Krishna’s dictums and the questions posed by Arjuna, which represent the moral confusion of mankind. Start reading The Holy Science on your Kindle in under a minute. No name can describe it, nor can anything in the creation of Darkness or Light designate it.

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At the time of the enjoyment, however, if he directs his organs of sense, through which he enjoys, toward the object of his desire, he can never be satisfied, and his desires increase in double force.

The astronomers and astrologers who calculate the almanacs have been guided by wrong annotations of certain Sanskrit scholars such as Kulluka Bhatta of the dark age of Kali Yuga, and now maintain that the length of Kali Yuga isyears, of which have in a. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

When Manomaya Kosha becomes withdrawn, Jnanamaya Kosha the body of Intelli- gence composed of electricities becomes percep- tible.

The virtue of Love. Napoleon Bona- parte introduced his new legal code into southern Europe. So Chit, Consciousness of all the modifications of Nature up to its first and primal manifestation, the Word Amen, Aunt32 the holy science and even of his own Real Self, gradually appears.

This darkening power pro- duces Asmita or Egoism, the identification of Self with the material body, which is but the develop- ment of Xri, the particles of the universal force; and Abhinivesa or blind tenacity to the belief in the validity and ultimate sru of the material cre- ation.

The Holy Science

Szvadhyaya consists of reading or hearing spiri- tual truth, pondering it, and forming a definite con- ception of it. This Purusha, the Son of God is screened by five coverings called the koshas or sheaths. Some of them, though famous for their investigations in the realms of science and philos- ophy, do not recognize the essential unity in reli- Paramguru, literally, “guru noly hence the guru of one’s guru.

When man becomes eri little enlightened he compares his experiences relating to the material creation, gathered in his wakefnl state, with his experiences in dream, and under- standing the latter to be merely ideas, begins to entertain doubts as to the substantial existence of the former.

Holy Science

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. At that time Maha- raja Yudhisthira, noticing the appearance of the dark Kali Yuga, made over his throne to his grandson, the said Raja Parikshit. How main object of the heart is attained. Jukteswar been 10 year since I had read “Auto Biography of a Yogi”, and there was a mention about this book in the same.

Sandhisthala— the place between higher and lower.

Full text of “Holy Science”

But if man can control these THE PROCEDURE wri involuntary nerves by the aforesaid Pranayama, he can stop the natural decay of the material body and put the involuntary nerves of the heart, lungs, and other vital organs to rest periodically, as yuiteswar does with his voluntary nerves in sleep.


As the gross matters of the creation are entirely absent from this sphere, and it is conspicuous by the presence of sciehce fine matters only, it is called Sunya, the Vacuum Ordinary.

This method of calculation was prevalent in India till the reign of Raja Vikramaditya, when the Samvat era was introduced. I’d rank it among my top ten desert island books. It plugs a lot of gaps in yykteswar understanding of the supernatural!!

Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss. Thus man, being possessed of aiswaryas, the yuktswar majesties aforesaid, fully comprehends the Eternal Spirit, the Father, the only Real Sub- stance, as Unit, the Perfect Whole, and his Self as nothing but a mere idea resting on a fragment of the Spiritual Light thereof.

From this rule it appears that years is the length of Treta Yuga, and years before and after are its sandhis, the periods of mutation, which make a total of years. To understand what nat- ural living is, it will be necessary to distinguish it from what is unnatural. Its morning twilight has just as many hundreds, and its period of evening dusk is of the same length i. Having read this book many times, I have noticed that the depth of this book and the layers to be peeled away are immense.

But not everyone can understand all of the verses of the Gita. Which accounts for how much light or dark we live with here on Earth. In this state man is called Kshatriya, or one of the military class; and to struggle in ari manner aforesaid becomes his natural duty, by whose performance he may get an insight into the nature of creation and attain the real ssri of it.

The last and lowest sphere is Bhuloka, the sphere of gross material creation, which is always visible to everyone.