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NAVAIR T AIRCRAFT REFUELING NATOPS MANUAL. THIS PUBLICATION SUPERSEDES NAVAIR T 15 JUNE [Loose Leaf Edition. 25 Nov NAVAIR T AIRCRAFT REFUELING NATOPS MANUAL THIS PUBLICATION SUPERSEDES NAVAIR T DATED 30 MAY. NAVAIR 00‐80T‐ Routine Correlation Samples Compare test results obtained by the activity’s in‐house laboratory with those obtained by a regional.

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Ensure pump suctions are flooded before starting in order to avoid introducing air into the fuel system. Filter Element, Fluid, 0.


Open station defuel valve. A crewleader 00-80t–109 person is also recommended but it is possible for the safety person to supervise more than one fueling operation simultaneously. Location and operation of any switches that control the flow of fuel into the various tanks of the aircraft 4.

In addition, aircraft engine failure or poor performance may also be caused by incorrect fuel or by contamination of the proper fuel with other petroleum products or materials. Refer to NSTM for a detailed discussion of these systems. Free water by FWD. Laboratories shall also note the presence of significant amounts of free water in the bottom of the sample container.

A dry chemical fire extinguisher containing potassium bicarbonate. Securely connect low pressure air hoses and fittings between air supply outlet and transfer cart inlet manifold. This chapter outlines the absolute minimum steps that shall be taken in order to: Internally coated ferric materials are not acceptable downstream of the filter. 00-80t-1109 the ASTM test method for details on the equipment and materials needed to perform this test.


Refueling Vehicle Operator Certification. V-4 Maintenance Officer C Approved by: The fuel quality surveillance procedures of Chapter 3, the facilities and equipment requirements of Chapter 5, the operating procedures of Chapter 6, maintenance requirements of Chapter 7, and MIL-HDBK ASwere all developed and established with safety as a primary goal. 00-80f-109 aircraft APU may be used to supply electrical power for pressure refueling on military aircraft so equipped.

As refueling personnel master a knowledge of aviation refueling, they will be better able to avoid and correct unsafe situations. During defueling operations, no other maintenance not directly required to facilitate the defueling operation is to be performed. Visual inspections shall also be performed for spot checks. Emergency Dry Breakaway Coupling. If a plane-to-plane transfer cart is unavailable, NATO F fuel shall be treated as hazardous waste and handled accordingly.

Each activity shall take a series of routine, duplicate correlation samples to verify that in-house testing procedures and equipment are working properly. The deck officer is responsible for the fueling at sea FAS stations, and the supply officer is responsible for the accountability of the fuel. The valve opens only nabair an operator applies pressure to the handle, trigger, etc. All flight deck safety nets if applicable and other obstructions shall be lowered.

Contractor employees performing fuel duties shall be company trained and certified. All urgent change recommendations shall be sent by priority message to the advisory group member in the chain of command using the message format shown in Nvaair Name of defuel operator and squadron personnel present during the defuel operation. FSII turbine fuels only.


Conflagration stations — Shipboard locations where firefighting equipment controls are installed. FSII materials are mutagenic and considered to be dangerous in the neat state; however, they are safe once blended into the fuel. Any activity that suspects either chemical contamination, deterioration during storage, or other unusual contamination or condition shall send fuel samples to an appropriate central fuel laboratory see list in Appendix B of MIL-HDBK AS for testing.


Aviation Fuel Operational Sequencing Systems. Mechanism s by which the tank loading status e. Filtration equipment generates static electricity; therefore, all refueling systems must reduce static electrical charges to acceptable levels prior to loading on aircraft. Removing fuel from an aircraft. Mechanism s by which the pressures within aircraft 008-0t-109 must be monitored to prevent overpressurization 6.

00 80t 109

Fuel that has been tested 0-080t-109 particulates, free water, or FSII shall not be reused to run any other test since this practice could lead to inaccurate results. A complete kit consisting of metal shipping container, cushioning material inner-packand four 1-quart sample bottles, NSN Always electrically bond the refueling equipment to the aircraft or truck into which the fuel is being loaded. General instructions and procedures for conducting tests with the equipment listed in paragraph 9.

Auxillary power unit — a small turbine engine on an aircraft that provides power when the main engine s is not operating. Pressure gauges shall be easy to read and accurate to 1 psi with graduations in 1-psi units.