Kholstomer: Leo Tolstoy: First publications: “Kholstomer” (written ; revised and published ; “Kholstomer: The Story of a Horse”) has become famous for . After reading this equine welfare classic, you will forevermore view horses as who they really are. You do not know horses until you read the story of this noble . Kholstomer [Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original.

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Just like the grown-ups they lay down, rolled over, or rubbed one another. His back kholstomed withers were covered with marks of old lashings, and there was a fresh sore behind, still swollen and festering; the black dock of his tail, which showed the vertebrae, hung down long and almost bare. I had not been fed or watered all day.

Discovering Tolstoy in “Kholstomer” | Nicolas Jansens –

Muitas das pessoas que me chamavam, por exemplo, de “meu cavalo” nunca me montavam; as que faziam eram outras, completamente diferentes. Soon after that we were let out to pasture. Then she set out to turn the head of a little roan horse with which a peasant was ploughing in a rye-field far beyond the river.

Suddenly I understood it all, understood how far I was for ever removed from them, and I do not remember how I got home with the groom. Darling was a saddle-horse, who was subsequently ridden by the Emperor and portrayed in pictures and sculpture.

We were harnessed at ease in the stable. Anda rated it liked it Nov 26, Desi ma-ndoiesc ca asta era tinta, bineinteles. He only laughed, showing his white teeth. This boring conversation for both of them, in which they do not hear each other, lasts until the morning, until Serpukhovskaya gets drunk and staggers to sleep. His coldness and my dependence on him gave special strength to my love for him. Ev enbe for ede athhei sabur denuponhi scount ryme n,me rel y c ons umi ngwi thoutc ont ri but inga nyt hingt othec ommong ood, butt hen, inde ath, Ser puk- ho vsk oybe come sabur dene venf ort hos ewhodi edbe for ehi m,whos ebone sar eune art hedi n or dert oma ker oom f orS erpukho vsk oy’ sownde cay ingc orps e.


Want to Read saving…. There are men who call women their women or their wives; yet these women live with other men.

The herd returned down hill in the evening, and those on the left saw down below something red, round which dogs were busy and above which hawks and crows were flying. Can’t get my boots off. The morning was calm and clear. Later in life, he also wrote plays and essays. Beside the table, tinkling the silver bells on its collar, was a particularly fine whippet, whose difficult English name its owners, who neither of them knew English, pronounced.

I forgot myself and from old habit involuntarily neighed and began to trot, but my neighing sounded sad, ridiculous, and meaningless. My pedigree name is Muzhik, and I was nicknamed Strider by the crowd because of my long and sweeping strides, the like of which was nowhere to be found in all Russia.

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He trembles all night and can not eat.

The summary of Leo Tolstoy’s story “Kholstomer”

Itwoul dbe t went y-t woy ear sbe for ethes tor yoft hehor sewoul dag ainoc cupyTol st oy’ sat tent ion. And all of a sudden, for no reason, Nester painfully beats the gelding with a buckle on her dry leg.

Besides he had to retain a certain shade of a respectful tone for his friend’s real wife. The ears, one of which was slip, hung low on either side, and only occasionally moved lazily to drive away the pestering flies. The strapper, Taras, seized me in his arms while they were closing the door after my mother had been led out.

The master walked about excitedly, ran forward, and showed his visitor all the horses, mentioning the origin and pedigree of each. There were two dogs in front of him; one was sniffing at the knacker, the other was sitting and watching the gelding as if expecting something from him. I can’t stand it in Moscow. Hee chosRous sea u’ss ent ime nti nhi sfr eque nti dea li zat ionoft hes impl e pe asa ntl if est yle ,inwhi chhes awag rea tera uthe nti ci tya ndmor ali tyi ncont ras ttot hede cade nt wa ysoft henobi li ty ,ofwhi chhehi mse lfwa same mbe r Le Bla nc5 53, Wil son5 6.


The cloudlets were becoming curly but there was as yet no wind. Ja selbst mit dem Tod des Pferdes endet die Geschichte Tolstoi noch nicht.

Next day the lad came into our stable with another groom to give us hay. Ohi oSt ateUni ver si tyPr ess ,20 His mistress was a handsome woman, and he was handsome, and his coachman was handsome, and I loved them all because they were. The sledge was of plaited cane upholstered with velvet; the reins were of silk, the harness had silver buckles, sometimes there was a cover of silken fly-net, and altogether it was such that when all the traces and straps were fastened it was difficult to say where the harness ended and the horse began.

Suddenly she glanced at the latticed door and lifting her leg over me stepped aside. I stopped, though the cord of the halter by which the groom was leading me cut the nape of my neck, and I gazed at the approaching drove as one gazes at happiness that is lost for ever and cannot return.

But old age can be both ugly and majestic, and the gelding’s old age was just of that kind.

They no longer grazed but only nibbled at choice tufts of grass. I immediately knew that it was a joke and laid back an ear, making my teeth click. Preview — Kholstomer by Leo Tolstoy. Il ove dtoo ver tak eat rot ter.

Hay was piled onto the high racks, and the oak cribs were filled with oats.