(IMMEX), and is effective since November 13,. Mexico is a prime location for Foreign . Manufacturera, Maquiladora y de Servicios de Exportación (Decreto IMMEX). the Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Exports Services Industry (IMMEX Decree). Manufacturera, Maquiladora y de Servicios de Exportación de , ya no [ ]. The Mexican government changed the program in to implement the IMMEX program, or, Decreto para el Fommento de la Industria.

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Agreement which establishes the procedures entered in the Federal Register of Procedures and Services which apply to the Secretariat of Economy and the decentralized agencies and regional offices of the sector.

Secretaría de Economía – IMMEX

In the case of goods included in Annex III of the IMMEX Decree, when they are imported as raw materials, and only when they are destined for activities classified as services, the length of stay will be up to six months. The following documentation must be attached to the application: The edcreto production capacity to carry out the monthly industrial process, in eight-hour shifts.

The certification will be valid for one year. Register of the companies to which the services will be provided: Details of the goods to be imported: The applicant must have the following: Todos los derechos reservados.

Simultaneously, the SE may approve a Sectoral Promotion Program based on the type of product manufactured or export services performed, in which case the applicable regulations must be followed. To request the change to the Outsourcing category, in addition to the requirements for Industrial, Shelter or Services, the following: File monthly consolidated customs declarations pedimentos.

Additional documentation is not required. Bosques de las Lomas.

Jáuregui y Del Valle

Procedures relating to the IMMEX Program are free and can be done at the public service windows of the federal agencies of the Secretariat of Economy corresponding to the address of the plant where decrfto production process or service is carried out.

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Free-form letter specifying details of the goods to be imported: Change, addition or removal of registered addresses and plants: Compliance with the obligation to keep automated inventory control systems which at all times maintain an updated record of the control data on the foreign trade goods, which must be available to the customs authorities, may be evidenced provided the company has an inventory control that shows the destination, discharges and balances of the raw materials, which will have to be transmitted pursuant to the terms established by the SAT, as the case may be.

The IMMEX Program is an instrument which allows the temporary importation of goods that are used in an industrial process or service to produce, transform or repair foreign goods imported temporarily for subsequent export or provision of export services, without covering the payment of general import tax, value added immeex and, where appropriate, countervailing duties. In addition, they may qualify for this benefit only when 206 have operated under these conditions for one year.

Free-form letter from the legal representative of the company stating the projected exports in dollars for the six months following the start of operations. Free format letter detailing the production process or services referred to in decretl program application.

Maximum volume to be imported for the year and its value in dollars.

Cancellation and nullity of the IMMEX program –

Presentar immed consolidados mensuales. Register of sub-manufacturing companies: Finally, taxpayers who apply these tax incentives are relieved from the obligation to decrero the notice established in article 25, paragraph 1 of the Federal Tax Code hereinafter CFF. Textile and clothing sector companies which import goods included in tariff headings of the General Import and Export Duties Law, mentioned in Annex II of the IMMEX Decree, decrteo for the production of goods classified in Chapters 50 through 63 and sub-paragraph The maquila contracts that each subsidiary has with the holding company or a maquila contract in which the contracted obligations are established for the holding company and for the subsidiaries in relation to the objectives of the requested program, duly notarized original and copy.

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A report signed by the legal representative of the company, indicating:.

A new authorization will be given if the company has exported at least sixty percent of the volume of one of the following concepts:. Have an inventory control system in place that complies with SAT provisions. This documentation must be submitted for the holding company and imjex of the subsidiary companies, and.

This certification will be valid for three years, and may be renewed automatically provided that a renewal notice is filed within the 30 days before the respective expiration date, and the taxpayer continues to comply with the registration requirements and obligations established. The certification will be valid for two years, and will be automatically renewed provided that a renewal notice is filed within the 30 days before the respective expiration date, and the taxpayer continues to comply with the established registration requirements and obligations.

The VAT refund will be obtained within a term not exceeding 15 days computed as of the day after the filing of the respective refund request.

Cancellation and nullity of the IMMEX program

Evidence of registration with tax identification card or evidence of registration to the Federal Taxpayers Register corresponding to the entity which will perform the sub-manufacturing decrero original dereto copy. Certified copy of the company’s articles of incorporation and, where appropriate, its amendments. The volume actually imported, when not all the previously authorized consigned volume has been exercised and its duration has expired. Finally, the Rules establish a calendar for the certification duringwhich includes six different periods, and will be applicable to the requesting party depending on their fiscal domicile.